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Standard double

Hotel Gamanta double rooms vary in decor and layout. However, they all smell of subtle elegance and are equipped functionaly, so that guests would have a good and comfortable rest. Room area of ​​18 sq.m. The room has an entrance hall with wardrobe, double or twin beds and a lounge area with soft chairs and coffee table. Also the satellite TV programs, telephone, internet access, small refrigerator, table and placed mirror. Bathroom is equipped with shower, toilet, sink, mirror and hair dryer.


September - May
July - August
from  59   44   to 
68   53 EUR
from   69 44 to
88  73 EUR
from 85 to
102 EUR


Prices include breakfast, free sauna from 8 till 11 a.m. and coffee/tea from 3 till 5 p.m.
Extra person at the hotel (with breakfast) — 20 EUR;

* prices can vary.
**Special offers are valid just from 1 September — 1 June.